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The Business Pocket Guide series covers essential business skills in a convenient format. Each book is a 72 page, A6 size pocket book packed with information that will be invaluable in business
The Audio tapes each run for one hour and cover the same information as the Business Pocket Guide books
The Training Videos and DVD’s are all recorded in front of a live audience and run for about an hour each. The videos are informative but also entertaining and provide a great way to train your team. For comments on the videos look on our Feedback page
The Audio CDs each run for an hour and are recorded in front of a live audience. They are designed to be fun to listen to, and highly informative for use in the car, in the office or at home.
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1. The Will to Win
Achieve whatever you set out to achieve. Design a personal mission that will really work. Learn winning techniques. Find out how you can be better than the best you can be.
2. Time Management
In this unconventional look at Time Management we will explore why you are bad at Time Management, and how to get better. Planning your day / week / month and sticking to the plan. Prioritising, delegating and using all the tricks to make the most of your time.
3. You've only got 4 minutes
90% of people's opinion of you is formulated in the first 4 minutes of meeting you. Learn five simple rules that will help you manage those four vital minutes so that you can create whatever impression you want to create.
4. Handling Objections/Closing the Sale
How often do your sales team do all the hard work then forget to ask for the business? How often is a sale lost because an objection is badly handled? In this work for sales people we analyse objections and the close and discuss a few simple rules that will make a big difference to your strike rate
5. Better Communications
Throughout this work we will cover a wide range communication techniques for use in :One to One Communication, One to Many Communication, Writing Letters, Reports and Advertisements, Getting your Powerful Message Across, Communication to Influence and Persuade, Communication to Motivate and Communication with the Opposite Sex
6. Stress Management
In this study on stress you will find out about stress symptoms and stress makers, discover how well you cope with stress, learn how to construct a balanced lifestyle and meet the stress busters. You will also find good advice on how to compile your own stress action plan to improve the quality of your life.

Eight out of ten executives suffer from stress. Seven out of the eight deny it!

7. Sixty Two Ways to Negotiate a Better Deal
Being a good negotiator, like any other form of communication, is simply a matter of acquiring the skills and practice. In this work you will find some of the skills together with hints tricks and techniques. The rest is up to you.
8. Managing Meetings
A recent American survey suggests that executives now spend as much as 75% of their eight hour day in meetings and its growing every year. Many meetings are however a waste of your valuable time, so they have to be managed properly. In this book you will learn how to make your meetings efficient, productive and innovative. We will also help you to use meetings to motivate your team, understand the law regarding meetings and use it to your advantage, discover how to manage difficult people in meetings and make meetings the most useful part of your day.

This Book is co-authored by Richard Mulvey and Roger Knowles

9. Body Language
In business we must use our communication skills to succeed, and 55% of our attitudes and feelings are communicated with our body language. Learn how to identify a lie, create the right impression with your customers, defuse problem situations or read the mind of your negotiation opponent. This study in Body Language will give you an edge in all human interaction
10. Getting New Customers / Keeping Them Forever
In today's economic climate successful companies know the importance of a successful sales team. Customers are fewer and harder to find and while your competitors are snapping at their heals trying to take them away from you, using the same old techniques may not be enough to stem the tide. There are no shortage of opportunities however, and in this work we explore some new ideas that will help you develop your customer base and keep them for ever.
11. Selling Quality at Your Higher Price
How often does price become the major barrier to the completion of the sale? In fact it is less often than you think. Customers do not focus heavily on price so long as all the other reasons to buy are in place. Quality is the major factor in determining whether the customer will buy and in this work we look at the balance between quality and price and show how you can increase your sales and your profit margin by getting the price / quality balance right.
12. Delivering Exception Customer Service
In a recent survey in the UK where people were given a choice of three reasons why they return to a business they have purchased from in the past,19% said they go back for Best Price, 36% said that they go back for Quality Product and 45% said that they go back for the Friendly Service they received. In this work we explore the way to develop that friendly service in your business to ensure that your customers keep coming back.
13. Goal Achievement  
Setting and achieving goals is one of your most important tasks in business or in your private life. In this work we look at the process of setting goals, how to make sure they are demanding yet achievable, how to avoid your own limiting belief system and how to get the courage to complete each goal you set yourself.
14. Selling over the Telephone
We all use the telephone but how many of us learn to use it efficiently? In this video Richard describes the principles involved in selling your product or service over the telephone, as well as a useful script for making an appointment, techniques to get past the “Gatekeeper”, and other ways to use the telephone to help you to close more sales and grow your customer base.
15. Presenting For Profit
The preparation and delivery of perfect presentations for the corporate environment
Having the best ideas in the company is not enough. Promotion and acclaim are only awarded to those who can communicate their ideas professionally and the skill to present in public is the most important business skill you will learn. In this work for both regular and occasional presenters we explore the skills to present your ideas, products or services to audiences large and small.
  16. Selling Face to Face
Selling is all about understanding your customer’s problem and providing just the right solution. It is no longer enough to simply uncover customer’s needs however; you have to go beyond Need to Wants and finally Desires if you are going to beat your competitors to the finishing post.

In this video we look at the process that happens from start to finish in a customer meeting. Creating the right impression, uncovering his needs and the emotional reasons he will buy, right through to the close.
17. All Change
Change is one of the most fundamental influences of modern business. You either adapt or die! In this video Richard explores the pitfalls and provides some solutions that will help your team keep up, and adjust to their ever-changing circumstances.
18. Memory Management
It is said that we all have a photographic memory; only some of us forget to put the film in. This old joke has a surprising amount of truth and in this video Richard will take you through the process of discovering your ability to use your own, very powerful memory. With a few very simple techniques by the end of the video you will easily improve your ability to remember almost anything.
19. Achieving Peak Performance
Has your team performed well this year? Think what you could achieve if they are all performing at their peak every day. We all know it’s attitude that makes the difference and in this video Richard demonstrates how to develop and maintain a winning attitude.
20. Decisions - How to make them
We are faced with many decisions. Should we expand? How far should we push the budget? How am I going to sell more this year? But how do you make sure you are making the right decision? In this video Richard will outline the logical approach to making accurate decisions and show how to make decisions stick.