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Today’s successful sales people know the focus has to be their customers. Building the relationship, providing a service, satisfying the customer’s needs, listening and understanding rather than talking and seeking to be understood. Sales people are in the front line, building a reputation to ensure long term growth as well as short term sales.
In the "Practical Selling Skills" course we use this focus, taking the best sales skills and bringing them right up to date. The course is divided into four modules of three hours each. Starting with identifying the customer, through to closing the sale and beyond. We explore all the skills required to be a first class sales person. As far as possible we use real examples from each industry represented on the course to bring the skills into focus and additional home assignments give further opportunities to cement the techniques.

The course content is very flexible and can easily be adjusted to meet the needs of the trainees. If you have a number of people in your sales team you may consider having the training done on your premises and in that case we would be able to focus the training entirely on your product or service and on your method of selling. This focused training is obviously the most effective and you may be surprised to find that it is often the most cost effective as well.
Each module starts with a review of the skills covered in the previous module followed by interactive lectures, practical examples, shared experiences of how the skills work in action and written tests.
The Sales Cycle
In this section we overview the whole selling process from customer to close and beyond. This section gives the trainees a clear idea of what to expect in the coming modules and how each part fits together.
Getting New Customers
To attract new customers we need to be better than our competitors and in this section we look at the new, creative ways to expand your customers base.
Know your Customer

  • Customer profiling
  • Developing a relationship
  • Account development
Keeping Customers for ever
Good customer service is the number one reason why your customers will stay with you. In this section we explore what is involved in providing good service for all your customers.
Features / Needs / Benefits
Identify all the features of your own product or service.
Telephone techniques
We all have to use the telephone in business but many of us fail to get the best results from our calls. Making an appointment over the phone and getting face to face with a customer for some people, is harder than closing the sale. Selling over the phone is also a problem for some sales people but with a understanding of the techniques involved the process is a simple one.
Creating the right impression every time.
90% of people’s opinion of you is formulated in the first four minutes of meeting you. In this section we look at creating the right impression.
Need Support Selling
The next step is to identify or uncover the customer’s true needs and show how your product or service will satisfy those needs. In this section we look at the correct use of "Open" and "Closed" questions and show the salesperson how to listen most and talk least.
Handling Objections
There are three basic types of objection and each should be handled differently to ensure a successful outcome.
Closing the Sale
For many sales people this is the hardest part, yet customers or clients will rarely give you the business if you don’t ask for it.
Selling at your Higher Price
Far too often our sales teams see price as the only issue. In this section we explore how to get past the price barriers and close more, higher priced sales
Follow Up
This is often forgotten by sales people but a satisfied customer is an excellent source of repeat business and referred business.
Developing a Winning Attitude
Success in sales is all about winning and in this section we look at what it takes to be a winner.
The Salesperson’s Day
Getting the most out of the day, keeping meaningful statistics, keeping accurate records and reports are essential tasks for successful salespeople.
Final Written Examination
The investment for this two day training course is R3950.00 per person excl vat with a 10% discount if 3 or more people attend from one company.
The Practical Selling Skills courses will be run on the following dates:
23 & 24 February
9 & 10 February
16 & 17 February
25 & 26 May
11 & 12 May
18 & 19 May
30 & 31 August
17 & 18 August
24 & 25 August
23 & 24 November
9 & 10 November
16 & 17 November

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The course can also be run at your own premises and is cost effective for 10 or more trainees.
For further information about the course or how we can restructure the course to fit your exact training needs please make contact at or by phone 0861 - 444888