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Would you like your team to be more successful this year? I cannot imagine that you answered “No” to that question and yet so few of us succeed in producing as much as we are capable of. If your team does the same things this year as they did last year you are going to get the same results. That’s the way it works. If you want different results this year you are going to have to get things done differently.

Take control of your life at work

There are no victims in the successful workplace.

Plan what you want to achieve at work

Breaking down your restrictive belief system, setting larger targets and the
developing strategies to achieve them.

Get Focused

In a very real sense you get what you focus on. Your imagination has a large part to play in the achievement of your goals

Decide to make a change at work

Nothing happens until you decide to make it happen, and in an ever changing business world you have to change to stay ahead.

Take action

The final step of the process is to take action. No decision is really taken until you have taken action towards the completion of that decision.

We all know that developing and maintaining the right attitude makes a huge difference in performance and in Richard’s 2 hour workshop he will address this problem and demonstrate ways to enhance the attitude of each and every delegate. Using the highly successful process outlined in The Will to Win, Richard explains how the same system can be used at work to ensure better performance and results.
This workshop will be the most important training your team will attend this year
Durban - Durban Country Club
Johannesburg -
Bailiwick Hotel, Ferndale, Randburg
Cape Town -
Winchester Mansions
Bloemfontein - The President Hotel
Port Elizabeth

For further information please make contact on
or by phone 0861 - 444888.