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  • Can you always remember your Customers’ names?
  • What about the speech you have to make, will you remember what you want to say?
  • Is your poor memory holding you back?

Have you ever parked your car in a multi-story car park and then misplaced it when you come back with the shopping three hours later? Or… Have you ever walked into the open plan office to get something and then forgotten what you are there for? Don’t worry, this is normal. We all struggle to remember things sometimes but the information is there, it has just been misfiled.
It is said that we all have a photographic memory; only some of us forget to put the film in..... This old joke has a surprising amount of truth and in this workshop Richard will take you through the process of discovering your ability to use your own very powerful memory. With a few very simple techniques by the end of the seminar you will easily improve your ability to remember almost anything.
Memory techniques are just that, techniques! You do not need to be particularly clever to have a good memory, simply be able to apply the techniques. In this workshop we will look at general memory improvement as well as remembering speeches, remember the names of everybody you meet, remembering difficult numbers like PIN numbers or codes and we may even be able to tell you where your long lost memories really are.

Durban - Durban Country Club
Johannesburg -
Bailiwick Hotel, Ferndale, Randburg
Cape Town -
Winchester Mansions
Bloemfontein - The President Hotel
Port Elizabeth

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