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A recent American survey suggests that average executives spend as much as 75% of their time in meetings and our own research in this country suggests that we are not far behind. We have meetings with customers, with the management team and with our own team.

We meet with suppliers, with the bank manager and with government officials. Then of course there is the Christmas party committee meeting, the newsletter development meeting, and the union negotiation meeting. Finally we have our social meetings like the school governing body, the neighborhood watch, the church committee and even the social club.

Meetings, as you know, can be a dreadful waste of time if they are not managed properly and in this workshop we will look at how to run effective meetings in half the time or less. In addition we look at how to use meetings to motivate your team, discover how to manage difficult people in meetings and make meetings the most useful part of your day.
Durban - Durban Country Club
Johannesburg -
Bailiwick Hotel, Ferndale, Randburg
Cape Town -
Winchester Mansions
Bloemfontein - The President Hotel
Port Elizabeth

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