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  • Learn how to influence and persuade
  • Get your powerful message across in less than a Minute
  • Write perfect reports, letters and advertisements
  • Construct convincing arguments
  • Learn how to listen
It's not what you know; it's how you communicate what you know! Communication is the life blood of any business and a command of the basic principles will improve skills in all levels of communication. In this workshop we will explore the six golden rules of written and verbal communication.
Rule 1

The responsibility for the success of any communication rests with the communicator.

Rule 2

Focus your communication on the needs of the audience

Rule 3

All good communication has a beginning, middle and an end

Rule 4

K.I.S.S. Keep it short and simple

Rule 5

Use emotion in your communication

Rule 6

Paint pictures or tell a story

Rule 7

Listen! Good listening skills are an essential part of good communication

In this presentation we also look at the challenges of communicating with the opposite sex.
Durban - Durban Country Club
Johannesburg -
Bailiwick Hotel, Ferndale, Randburg
Cape Town -
Winchester Mansions
Bloemfontein - The President Hotel
Port Elizabeth

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