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Change is happening all around us yet we struggle to manage it properly. Our team suffers when we manage change badly and that is reflected in poor business performance. There is, however, a predictable sequence that happens when changes are put in place and if it is predictable then it is manageable.

The Seven Predictable Dynamics of Change
1. People feel awkward and self conscious

Strategy - Tell people what to expect

2. People will think about what they have to give up

Strategy - Legitimise the losses, allow them to mourn

3. People will feel alone, even if everyone is going through the same changes

Strategy - Encourage them to share ideas, help each other through the change

4. People can handle only so much change

Strategy - Break down the changes, set priorities

5. People are at different levels of readiness for change

Strategy - Recognize that some are risk takers and others take longer

6. People will be concerned that they do not have the resources for change (time, money, skills)

Strategy - Encourage creative problem solving

7. If you take the pressure off, people will revert back to their original behavior.

Strategy - Keep up the focus, manage the journey

In this workshop we will explore a tool called the Will / Skill Balance and use it to manage our people through any changing process.

Durban - Durban Country Club
Johannesburg -
Bailiwick Hotel, Ferndale, Randburg
Cape Town -
Winchester Mansions
Bloemfontein - The President Hotel
Port Elizabeth

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