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Over the last 10 years Richard Mulvey has trained over 100,000 business people in South Africa and Europe. The following is a list of some of the higher profile companies who have sent delegates to Richard’s training courses.

Advtech Education; AECI; Africon Engineering; Afrox Ltd; Albany Bakery; Alfa Laval Pty Ltd; Bank of Athens; BASF; Cape Grace; Capespan (Pty) Ltd; Cash Crusaders; Chempro; Chubb Security; City of Cape Town; Clickrite; Compass Group; DAV; East Coast Radio; EnviroServ; FNB; Freudenberg Nonwovens; Gary Player Group; GM Pharmaceuticals; Hertz Rent A Car; Hymax; ICC Durban; Imperial Bank; Marriott Merchant Bank; Mr Price Group; MTN; Nashua; National Car Rental; Old Mutual; Otis Pty Ltd; Planet Fitness; Panasonic; Rennies Travel; SA Metal Group; Sasol; Securicor Gray; Sharp Electronics; Siemens; Storm Group; Tetra Pak; City of Johannesburg; Total SA; Triton Express; Western Cape Education; Xerox SA Pty Ltd; and many others.


We regularly get feedback from our customers about our books, tapes, training and seminars and on this page you will find a selection of their comments. 

If you would like to make any comments about our products or services, or even about this web page, please e-mail them here


Renee van der Merwe Lecturer : Communications PE Technikon Port Elizabeth
A very polished presentation. Excellent audience rapport.


Carol Van Loggerenberg Representative Bartons Precision Tube Port Elizabeth
In Sales Richard, you are Number One!


Gloria Shinga Banker United Bank Durban
The presentation was very exciting. I have learnt a lot listening to the talk. I enjoyed it very much.


Michael Fisher Eskom Durban
Excellent! I could have listened for another hour


Merle Ball Sales Durban
Enjoyed the lecture. I have two degrees in Communication and I still learnt a lot.


Richard Robert H.R. Manager Eddels Pietermaritzburg
The Seminar was very informative with practical issues that will be very useful back at the workplace.


G. Chamberlin Commercial Manager Nedbank Durban
I really thoroughly enjoyed it. - Very Thought provoking - I can see many areas that I need to work on and learn from.


Tim Bird Factory Manager Acrylic Products Durban
Very good use of anecdotes and examples, I particularly liked the emphasis on taking personal responsibility. I will apply this material to develop the mission statement for the factory, with involvement from all the employees


Roselyne Mamet Sales American Express Durban
I really enjoyed hearing your advice. I will defiantly put it into practice and I am sure it will have wonderful benefits


Sem  Kazali Consultant ICL Wansbeck
Very good presentation. I have learnt a great deal


Collene Burger Sales Imperial Car rental Durban
Very provocative opinion. Very good speaker. Keeps everyone interested.


Karim Shazeda Marketing Director Jacqueline McArthur Int. Durban
Intelligent and riveting from start to finish. My team and I will certainly attend all of your other seminars. Excellent!


John Graham Area Manager Nedcor Johannesburg
Very Good. In fact Excellent!


Rentha Sleigh Director Kip McGrath Education Centre Durban
What a pleasure to listen and learn from you!! Very beneficial!


Godfrey Gibson Owner Visionchem Port Elizabeth
Logical sequence of presentation, highlighting pitfalls, supported by examples, and can be applied in practice. 


Denis Campbell Sales Manager Durban Bag Durban
An Excellent, short, brief battery charger!


Arend Muller Owner Arend Muller Cons.  Bloemfontein
I have had excellent experiences with applying the principles from the previous seminars. Thank you.


Hans Teengs General Manager Supply Chain Services Port Elizabeth
Informative. Re-motivates a person to enjoy life again and set new challenges.



Johan  Basson Director RBF Technology Johannesburg
My Congratulations! A well presented course which holds practical and easy to use lessons for increased success


John Ellse Managing Director Dimension Data Network Services Durban
Very Good! Thought provoking. I enjoyed the "Will to Win" session very much.


Wendy Verhagen Sales Representative G.M. Pharmaceuticals Durban
Thank you for being very informative, I have been very eager to use these skills during my sales. I am very impressed! 


Richard Anderson Sales Engineer RBF Technology Johannesburg
I will recommend this to any person that is thinking of selling or has been selling for 50 years.


Sandy Barnard Waste Consultant Wastetech Durban
Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! 


Shaik Hussen Sales Representative Elimco Durban
The course was very informative, I am sure it will work for me. The English humour is always entertaining and I learnt a great deal. The course was well worth it. Thank you.


Paul Bennett Sales Consultant Chipkins Durban
The course has been very interesting, has given me different ideas and motivated me.


Clive Shunn Project Manager Dimension Data Durban
I am very pleased to have attended this course and found it very interesting. It will defiantly help me in the future


Desmond Hyde General Manager Advanced Infrastructure Management Durban
The concepts explained and facts highlighted were of valuable information. The techniques presented can definitely be applied in the workplace. We tend to forget the basic techniques that one needs to apply to make things work. This course goes there plus some.


Alister Brand Didata Networking Technical Manager Durban
The information was very relevant, interesting, and innovative. The course was very pertinent to the workplace and our industry. This was a good, useful course, thank you.


Michael Ziervogel Account Manager Dimension Data Durban
Excellent! Especially closing the sale and negotiation.


Shaun Naidoo Stores Manager Advanced Cabling Durban
I have learnt a lot about how to handle clients and how to find out what their needs are.



Dee Shields Consultant Saambou Bank Johannesburg
Mr. Mulvey must be one of the best speakers on such a diversity of subjects in the country


M. Wilkinson Program Chairman Rotary Pietermaritzburg
The enthusiastic and sustained applause would , no doubt, have indicated to you how much we appreciated your hilarious yet perceptive analysis of human nature.


Hilda Walker Regional Marketing Manager Quest Personnel Group Durban
Your witty enthusiasm and demonstrations were especially well received and helped to make the day an incredible success.


Danny Moodley Training Manager Mercedes-Benz Durban
Splendid presentation. You can be sure will be seeing you again an Mercedes-Benz. Stand Back Tom Peters, here comes Richard Mulvey.


Kandi Haines Consultant Kandi Haines cc Pinetown
Excellent! The most impact during your speech comes from your audience participation and your sense of humour