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Presentation Skills
1 Day Course for Managers and Sales People

How often have you or your team missed the opportunity to convince an audience of your colleagues or customers? They know their stuff all right, but thatís just not enough. The skills to be a convincing speaker are one of the most important business attributes for managers and sales people alike but they are not something that comes naturally.

 Itís not what you know that matters

Itís how you communicate what you know

that really counts

There are two process involved in becoming a great speaker, developing the Skills and Practice. In this one day course we will focus on a more practical approach to the skills, with plenty of opportunity to make the mistakes and improve the technique.

The course contains three modules of 2 Ĺ hours intensive training, assignments and presentations. Each attendee will have the opportunity to present prepared speeches in front of an audience, which will be recorded and, together with the constructive criticism from the course convener, be available to take away for future review as a VHS or CD video.

If you have a number of people in your team you may consider having the training done on your premises and in that case we would be able to focus the training entirely on your company and product and service. This focused training is obviously the most effective and you may be surprised to find that it is often the most cost effective as well.

The course starts a week or two in advance when the trainees will prepare their own presentations. Each trainee will receive a copy of Richardís book "Presenting For Profit" and will be expected to have prepared two, five minute presentations, one designed to convince the board members of a new idea or convince potential customers as to the value of your product or service. The other presentation should be more lighthearted and can be a subject of your choice.

It is intended that you should read the book you receive and use the skills learnt to construct the presentation.


Preparing a good presentation is half the battle. In this section we will explore the process behind putting together a world class, convincing speech. From constructing an attention grabber to reordering the issues you raise to make use of the limited attention span of the average audience, Richard will show you all the tricks to making your material convincing.
Visual Aids and Equipment
The best material can be let down by poor support from visual aids, flip charts and other equipment. In this section we will look at the proper use of this equipment and how to get the most out of it.
Delivery Techniques
Learning how to deliver your presentation is the main focus of the day. In this section we will explore the proper use of body language to get your message across; where to put your hands and who to look at; and where to stand and when to move. We also look at how to read and manage the audience to ensure that your message gets across.
Stage Fright
How to minimise your need to be frightened, manage the symptoms and use whatís left to your advantage.
Question Time
Managing those difficult questions can let you down after all the hard work but the application of a few simple techniques will ensure that you are never caught out.
Delivering your own Presentations
Practice makes perfect. Now it is your turn and in this section each delegate will make a 5 minute presentation that was prepared in advance. The presentations will be recorded and constructively criticised by Richard Mulvey. The video or CD of the presentation will be available to take home after the training course for review.
For further information about the course or how we can restructure the course to fit your exact training needs please make contact with Meagan at or by phone 0861 - 444888