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Looking to improve your teamís Management Skills?

Are you looking to raise your teamís expertise in the areas of Decision Making or Negotiation Skills? Would you like your team to be better Communicators, Motivators or Delegators? Would you like your team to be more effective at managing their own time?

This may be the solution you are looking for

Richard Mulvey and Perception Business Skills are about to launch a new two day Practical Management Skills course designed to raise the level of expertise for both the new manager as well as the seasoned campaigner.
The course contains four modules of three hours intensive training, assignments and a final examination. The course content (outlined below) will give each person attending a sound understanding of basic management skills using actual examples in their own industry. Each trainee receives a comprehensive set of notes to refer back to, a folder to keep them in and a framed certificate of attendance.

The course convener is Richard A. Mulvey, Author (11 books published), Businessman, International Conference Speaker, long time management professional and past corporate Director.


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Course Content

The course content is very flexible and can easily be adjusted to meet the needs of the trainees. If you have a number of people in your team you may consider having the training done on your premises and in that case we would be able to focus the training entirely on your company and management styles. This focused training is obviously the most effective and you may be surprised to find that it is often the most cost effective as well.

The course is run in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town over two full days with two modules each day. Each module starts with a review of the skills covered in the previous module followed by interactive lectures, practical examples, shared experiences of how the skills work in action and a written test.


Module 1

Introduction to Management Skills

In this section we review the basics of being a manager.

Time Management

Time is your most important resource. You can have the best team in the world but without time nothing is achieved. In this section we will explore: Why you are bad at time management and how to get better, planning your day / week / month and sticking to the plan, prioritising and delegating and using all the tricks to make the best use of your time.

Managing Meetings

We all have to attend meetings. A recent American survey suggests that executives now spend as much as 75% of their eight hour day in meetings, and while we are not as bad in South Africa we are catching up. Many meetings , however , are a waste of time and in this section we will learn how to make meetings efficient, productive and innovative. If used properly, meetings are a very useful way to communicate and it is our task to make meetings the most useful part of the day.


Delivering Exceptional Customer Service

Customers are the life blood of any business but in todayís competitive business environment having happy customers is just not enough. In this section we discover how to create raving fans from satisfied customers to ensure they return over and over again.


Module 2

Decision Making

An effective manager is one who can make accurate decisions and then make them work. In this section we will outline the process of making and keeping effective decisions.

Better Communication

It's not what you know, it's how you communicate what you know thatís important Communication is the life blood of any business and a command of the basic principles will improve skills in all levels of communication. This section will provide invaluable skills for anybody involved in communication with customers or colleagues .

Body Language in Business

Body Language is a major part of our communication tool box in all areas of business where people interact. In this section we will look at the sort of body language you will use as a manager and give you the tools to understand the body language of every one else.


Module 3

Negotiation Techniques

We all have to negotiate every day of our lives. We negotiate with our customers and with our colleagues. We negotiate with our team and with our boss. Negotiation is a vitally important part of our lives and in this section we will look at the 5 Key Principles of negotiating to ensure success in all your negotiating

Stress Management

Stress seems to be a manager's occupational hazard. 8 out of 10 managers in South Africa suffer from stress, 7 out of the 8 deny it! In this section we will look at the main causes of stress (Stress Makers) and how to manage them (Stress Busters)


Motivating your team

How do you motivate a team of 2 or two thousand? If we can get that right we can move mountains. In this section we explore 10 designed to ensure that your team are effective and fulfilled.



Module 4

Motivating yourself

It is you attitude that makes the difference. The skills are important of course, but it is your attitude that decides whether to use them. In this section we will develop techniques that will help you control your attitude giving you the best chance to win.

Final Written Examination

Practical Management Skills
The courses are run in the following areas

2 & 3 March
9 & 10 March
16 & 17 March
22 & 23 June  
8 & 9 June
14 & 15 June
  26 & 27 October
12 & 13 October
19 & 20 October

R4450.00 (excluding VAT) per delegate
(send 3 or more and get a further 10% discount)

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For further information about the course or how we can restructure the course to fit your exact training needs please make contact at or by phone 0861 - 444888