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If you are serious about improving your business skills, you have come to the right place. Throughout these pages you will discover the skills, tricks and techniques you require on a vast range of business related subjects, to give you the edge in your career development.
Want to improve your negotiation skills? What about your time management or your ability to manage your meetings? Would you like to develop your selling techniques or the way in which you communicate with the opposite sex? Here you will find help with these and much, much more.
Are you feeling motivated? Look out for the books and tapes on motivation or goal achievement and nearly twenty other business related subjects to challenge you to be better than the best you think you can be.
Richard's Review is a weekly "shot in the arm" for business people world-wide. It includes extracts from some of Richard's 14 published books as well as hints, tricks, techniques or ideas to help you improve your business and sales performance. Each week there is also be a "Good News" section so if you have any South African good news that you would like to share with the readership please let us know at If you would like to subscribe to receive your free copy Richard's Review every week click on the icon on the right.

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